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Qwest Debrand Tool FAQ

I still see the Qwest logo on the MSN Explorer software even though I signed up for a new MSN Premium subscription. Also, every time I sign into MSN Explorer, I am still seeing a pop up screen that tells me I must purchase a new subscription. How can I remove the Qwest branding and stop the pop up?

1. After reading the complete instructions, run the Qwest Debrand Tool by clicking the Download button to the right.

2. If asked, click the Yes button to allow MSN Explorer to make changes to your computer.

3. Sign out and close MSN Explorer by selecting Sign Out and Close from the Sign Out MSN Explorer menu.

4. Once both the Sending and Receiving Information window and the MSN Explorer window are closed, click Retry in the Qwest Debrand Tool window.

5. The Qwest Debrand Tool will run the debranding process.

6. If the debranding process is successful, click OK to close the window and exit the tool.

If the Qwest Debrand Tool reports that an error has occurred, please make a note of the Error code or description provided (in this example, the Error code is 2), then click OK to close the window and exit the tool. Follow the steps to manually debrand MSN Explorer.

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